Castle Season 6 Commentaries!


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Castle + Beckett Kisses: Seasons 1-6

Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week Day 6
Growth: how far they’ve come - What they are

Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 6 [x]
↳ growth: how far they’ve come

J: Give it back, Wyatt. I— I didn’t know what else to do! I— I want the job, Wyatt, but I love my husband. I can’t do this to him. I won’t! You’re hurting me. (sobs) I just want to go home! I want to go home!

B: Home. She was trying to go home to you.

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"Richard Castle believes in you, and I believe in him."

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Fuck Yes, Always: Castle/Beckett Appreciation Week - Day Five

↳ Favorite Heartbreaking Moment - Always

Cas-kett. Ooh, that’s good! ‘Cause of the whole murder thing. Caskett?

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castle actual scenes vs. bloopers season five (1/5)


She definitely was hoping for another response, like “No, you wouldn’t be another one of my conquests..I really like you, Kate” and her face in last gif screams that!

Always the bad response, rick!